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Karuka Homam

Karuka Homam has two other names, DurvaHomam and BalarishtaHomam. It is performed by parents of children born with certain health issues.



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What is Karuka Homam?
Karuka Homam has two other names, DurvaHomam and BalarishtaHomam. It is performed by parents of children born with certain health issues. The name DurvaHomam is due to the fact that Dhurva, a form of grass which is considered the favourite offering to Lord Ganapathi is used as the main offering in this homam. The Balarishta Yoga in children is usually found by the astrologers after going through the children’s horoscopes.

Which Deity is Worshipped Through Karuka Homam?
Lord Ganapathy is invoked while performing Karuka Homam. As mentioned, Dhurva, the holy grass is offered to the fire each time after chanting the appropriate mantra. The performing family will then seek the blessings of Lord Ganapathy for the health of the child. Lord Ganapathy is a benevolent God in the Hindu Pantheon and is worshipped by all.

Why Should You Perform Karuka Homam?
If your astrologer has found that your new born baby has BalarishtaYogam which means the baby could be afflicted by some health issue or disease in the first 3-5 years, he will suggest the remedy is to perform a Karuka Homam. This may have to be done every year till the child is fully healthy and strong. You can possibly continue this as Ganapathy Homam after that. 

What are the Benefits of Karuka Homam?
Since the Karuka Homam is performed with a specific objective of the child’s health you will certainly see a better life being led by your child. When a child becomes ill it affects the life of the parents also. By performing the Karuka Homam regularly, you can lead a more peaceful life. 

Like all other homams, Karuka Homam should also be performed by trained pandits for which you can get in touch with Swarnatara Spirituals.

List of items needed for performing

1. Homa - samithu,
2. Rice (havisu)
3. Pasu nei (aajyam),
4. Ashta dhiraviyam
5. Modhagam
6. Arugam pillu
7. Nel pori
8. Mooligai dhiraviyam.

Procedure involved

1. Turmeric Vinayaka pooja
2. Kalasa establishment 
3. Sankalpam
4. Punyahavachanam - purification of all the things used in the Homa by mantra prayogas. 
5. Kalasa Pooja 
6. Veda mantra paryyanam 
7. Moola mantra japam 
8. Agni karyam – Fire Establishment
9. Homa performed by chanting Moola mantra, veda mantra, Gayatri mantra on the diety with the prescribed count as per the agama Shastra. 
10. Purna Ahuthi, samyojanam to the kalasa, dhoopa dheepam and upcharam. 
11. Distribution of prasadha. 
12. Ashirwadham.(Herbs)



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