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Rudra Homam

Rudra Homam is performed invoking Lord Shiva to the Holy Fire and chanting the powerful Rudram and other slokas to please Him. Rudra Homam is performed in many versions depending on the occasion.



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Which God is Pleased Through Rudra Homam?

It is undoubtedly Lord Shiva that is worshipped while performing Rudra Homam. Some performers of Rudra Homam create elaborate decorations with the idol of Lord Shiva established near the homakund. The idol is decorated with flowers and garlands and a pooja performed before the Rudra Homam is performed.

Why Should You Perform Rudra Homam?

The primary purpose of performing Rudra Homam is to seek Lord Shiva’s blessings for longer life. You pray that death, which is inevitable, is delayed till you are prepared for it. In that sense, premature death is sought to be averted through performing the Rudra Homam. As you grow older you can perform this on each of your birthdays.

What are the Benefits of Rudra Homam?

Rudra Homam removes any immediate threats to life and gives the performer a fearless and calm mind. The homam can help people overcome any health issues as well. Overall, positive energy is created by performing Rudra Homam.

What is Rudra Homam?

Rudra Homam is performed invoking Lord Shiva to the Holy Fire and chanting the powerful Rudram to please Him. Rudra Homam is performed in many versions depending on the occasion. Large temples and Ashrams organize Maha Rudra Homam and Ati Rudra Homam also in their premises where hundreds of pandits are involved in chanting the mantras and performing the aahuti. In most cases, people choose their birth days according to their birth star to perform Rudra Homam. sri Rudram also known as rudraprasnam. It is a hymn offered to the All - pervading almighty designated as rudra - siva (parameswara drives away grief, or sin which causes grief) the rudraadhyaya or the satarudriya is a great meditation on the cosmos. It occurs in the Taittiriya Samhita of the krishna Yajurveda. sriRudram is divided into 11 anuvakas (passages) and consists of 37 riks (verses) Sri Rudra prasnam occupies the center point of krishnayajurveda . Out of whole sri Rudram the panchaksharamatra possesses the middle point . It is otherwise called Namakam in view of the rehashed word namah. It should be chanted, heard and made an instrument of daily prayer to God by which one's mortal sins are destroyed and the spiritual light is lit within- To instil into the minds of people the knowledge of the fact that God is not merely the creative extra cosmic parent of the universe but he is additionally innate in each molecule, in each unit of time, in each alcove of corner, in all aspects of creation. EkadasaRudram, MahaRudram and Athi Rudram each has more noteworthy noteworthiness than its former one. After Each reciting of One round of Rudram one Anuvaka Each of Chamakam is recited. Eleven Rudram recitations accompanied by one Chamakam recitation are called EkadasaRudram. This constitutes one unit of Rudra Homam......

  • One recitation of sri Rudram followed by one recitation of 11 stanzas of Chamakam . This is called ordinary or general recitation.
  • One recitation of sri Rudram (all the 11 anuvakas) followed by first anuvaka of Chamakam, again full recitation of sri Rudram followed by second anuvakaChamakam and so on. There will therefore be eleven repetitions of Sri Rudram, This is known as rudraikadhasini (????????).
  • If rudraikadhasini is done 11 times, it is known as laghuRudram. (121)
  • If laghurudram is done 11 times, it is known as mahaRudram.(1331)
  • It is referred to as athirudram if maharudram is performed 11 times (14,641 times),

List of items needed for performing




Puffed Rice

Mooligai Thiraviyam (Herbs)

Procedure involved

  • Turmeric Vinayaka pooja
  • Kalasa establishment
  • Sankalpam
  • Punyahavachanam - purification of all the things used in the Homa by mantra prayogas.
  • Kalasa Pooja
  • Lagunyasam or Mahanyasam parayanam
  • Sri Rudra parayanam
  • Agni karyam – Fire Establishment
  • Homa performed by chanting Moola mantra, veda mantra, Gayatri mantra on the diety with the prescribed count as per the agama Shastra.
  • Purna Ahuthi, samyojanam to the kalasa, dhoopa dheepam and upcharam.
  • Distribution of prasadha.
  • Ashirwadham



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