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Pratyangira Homam

Pratyangira Homam is the fire ritual performed to please Goddess Pratyangira. Pratyangira Homam is performed to please this Goddess so that any evil forces working against you can disappear.



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Which God is Pleased Through Rudra Homam?

It is undoubtedly Lord Shiva that is worshipped while performing Rudra Homam. Some performers of Rudra Homam create elaborate decorations with the idol of Lord Shiva established near the homakund. The idol is decorated with flowers and garlands and a pooja performed before the Rudra Homam is performed.

Why Should You Perform Rudra Homam?

The primary purpose of performing Rudra Homam is to seek Lord Shiva’s blessings for longer life. You pray that death, which is inevitable, is delayed till you are prepared for it. In that sense, premature death is sought to be averted through performing the Rudra Homam. As you grow older you can perform this on each of your birthdays.

Goddess prathyangira having kapala , soola (trident) damarukam, nagapaasam on her 4 hands, in the beginning of the Tretayuga, the Lord Narasimha, an avatar of Vishnu, killed the unruly King Hiranyakashipu by tearing up his body and drinking his blood. Because of the anger in the body and blood of Hiranyakashipu, Lord Narsimha drank with rage and could not stop himself. Lord Shiva came down to settle him down, like Sharabha, a bird-animal-human hybrid. Lord Narasimha, seeing this, produced Gandaberunda, a two-headed bird that battled against Sarabeswara. These two beings battled for a long time without finding a solution, terrorising the earth . Seeing this Shakti invoked Pratyangira. Pratyangira appeared before these fighting beings and roared. When she roared, the terrified Sarabeswara and Gandaberunda stopped their fight. Pratyangira was more powerful than all of them, with the combined strength of Vishnu, Shiva and Shakti . The one who reverses any black magic attacks is DeviPratyangira. She is also praised as AtharvanaBhadrakali in temples of southern India as the She is considered the reigning Goddess of the Atharva Veda, Pratyangira is known as a teevra murti. The worship of Pratyangira is only accomplished through the guidance of a Guru who is proficient in Tantra. In the Hindu epic Ramayana, Prathyangira is also described. "Nikumbalayaga" (a holy rite to worship Prathyangira) was performed by Indrajit while Rama and his soldiers were fighting war in Lanka. Hanuman came to stop this practise because he knew that he would become invincible if Indrajit completed it.

Why Should You Perform Pratyangira Homam?

Pratyangira Homam is one way of warding off evil spirits working against you. There are individuals in the society who misuse the tantric powers to cast spells on their enemies. If you have been subjected to such a spell, you should perform Pratyangira Homam and get relief.

What are the Benefits of Pratyangira Homam?

By performing Pratyangira Homam in the proper manner, you can succeed in getting rid of any negative spirits around you. There are also benefits like solution to health problems. You can consult with the senior purohits in the Pratyangira temples to know if performing Pratyangira Homam can solve your troubles.Following benefits are

  • Appealing
  • Growth
  • Increasing
  • Attracting,
  • Subduing
  • Dissention
  • Repealing
  • Killing (bad thing) enemy's bad thoughts

Use the best professionals in the field from Swarnatara spirituals to perform Pratyangira Homam.

List of items needed for performing

Homa Sticks- samithu,

Rice (havisu)




Puffed Rice (Nel pori)

Mooligai dhiraviyam (Herbs)

Dried Chilli

Vadai (Saltless)

Procedure involved

  • Turmeric Vinayaka pooja
  • Kalasa establishment
  • Sankalpam
  • Punyahavachanam - purification of all the things used in the Homa by mantra prayogas.
  • Kalasa Pooja
  • Agni karyam – Fire Establishment
  • Homa performed by chanting Moola mantra, veda mantra, Gayatri mantra on the diety with the prescribed count as per the agama Shastra.
  • Purna Ahuthi, samyojanam to the kalasa, dhoopa dheepam and upcharam.
  • Distribution of prasadha.
  • Ashirwadham



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